Locator EA Award – English version

1.- The Locator-EA Award is available to all licensed amateurs who can operate in V-U-SHF bands. It is open also to SWL.

2.- Contacts since April 1st, 1949  will be counted. With contacts prior to the year 1985, a list of the old locator and its current equivalence must be enclosed.

All contacts must be made from the same square.

3.- The award will be given for contacting EA squares in several modes:

50 MHz: 20 squares.
144 MHz: 25 squares.
430 MHz: 20 squares.
1200 MHz: 10 squares.
Microwave bands: 10 squares.
Satellite: 20 squares.

After these numbers, endorsements will be given for each 5 additional squares.

The first 4 characters of the WW Locator are applicable (IN80, JN11, IM87…). Contacts made through active repeaters are not valid.

QSL cards must preferably show the two QTH locators of both stations. However, a card showing only the QTH locator of origin is acceptable. If the award is applied by a portable station, the QSL cards must show both QTH locators.

4.- Send applications in alphabetical order of squares and QSL cards to: URE, Av. Monte Igueldo 102, 28053 Madrid.

5.- Fees: Write to diplomas@ure.es for current fees.