Russian RTTY WW Contest: 0000Z-2359Z


1 septiembre, 2018 Todo el dÍa

Participation: Worldwide
Mode: RTTY
Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m
Classes: Single Op All Band
Single Op Single Band
Exchange: RU: RST + 2-letter oblast non-RU: RST + CQ Zone
Work stations: Once per band
QSO Points: 5 points per QSO with same continent
10 points per QSO with different continent
Multipliers: Each RU Oblast once per band
Each DXCC country once per band
Score Calculation: Total score = total QSO points x total mults
Submit logs by: September 11, 2018
E-mail logs to: contest[at]radio[dot]ru
Upload log at:
Find rules at: