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TTLOC - Trabajados Todos Los Locator (Worked All Locator)

The TTLOC is an award promoted by URE for contacts in the amateur bands above 50 MHz. The following rules are applicable.

1.- The TTLOC is available to all licensed amateurs.

2.- Contacts since April 1st, 1949  will be counted. With contacts prior to the year 1985, a list of the old locator and its current equivalence must be enclosed.

3.- The TTLOC will be awarded for contacting squares in nine classes:

  • TTLOC-HF: 500 different squares in 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 80 and 160 meters.
  • TTLOC-50: 100 different squares in the 50 MHz band.
  • TTLOC-144: 50 different squares in the 144 MHz band.
  • TTLOC-430: 20 different squares in the 430 MHz band.
  • TTLOC-1200: 10 different squares in the 1200 MHz band and up.
  • TTLOC-Microwaves: 5 different squares in 2.3 GHz band and up.
  • TTLOC-SATELLITE: 50 different squares via satellite, only phone and CW modes.
  • TTLOC-MS: 30 different squares in MS (meteor scatter).
  • TTLOC-EME: 30 different squares in EME (Earth-Moon-Earth).
  • The first 4 characters of the WW Locator are applicable (JN12, KH74, IN99, etc.)

    All squares must be worked from the same locator, except TTLOC-HF who can be worked from the same EADX100 entity (EADX100 = DXCC + WAE entities).

    The TTLOC-HF certificate is issued only in mixed mode, so contacts on Phone, CW or MGM (Machine Generated Mode) are valid.

    The same square in different bands can be credited for the TTLOC-Microwaves, TTLOC-MS and TTLOC-EME.

    Contacts made through active repeaters or crossed band will be accepted only in the Satellite class.

    QSL cards must preferably show the two QTH locators of both stations. However, a card showing only the QTH locator of origin is acceptable. If the award is applied by a portable station, the QSL cards must show both QTH locators.

    Any altered or amended QSL will result in disqualification of the applicant.

    4.- After the basic certificate, the following endorsements will be given:

  • TTLOC-HF, every 100 new squares.
  • TTLOC-50, every 25 new squares.
  • TTLOC-144, every 15 new squares.
  • TTLOC-430, every 5 new squares.
  • TTLOC-1200, every 5 new squares.
  • TTLOC-Microwaves, every 5 new squares.
  • TTLOC-Satellite, every 25 new squares.
  • TTLOC-MS, every 15 new squares.
  • TTLOC-EME, every 15 new squares.
  • 5.- It is established the TTLOC-MASTER V-U-SHF Trophy, which will be given those who have three V-U-SHF classes. There are endorsements for the  rest of the classes.

    6.- The achievement of the nine TTLOC classes will be awarded with the HONOR TTLOC Trophy.

    7.- Twenty first classified by credited squares will appear in the TTLLOC Honor Roll.

    8.- Send applications in alphabetical order of squares and QSL cards to: URE, Av. Monte Igueldo 102, 28080 Madrid.

    The application form can be downloaded from

    9.- Fees: Write to for current fees.

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